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We are strategists, information brokers, storytellers, pioneers and sometimes even the fourth emergency service... depending on your needs. Whether you are a start-up or large corporation, we are always here as your pragmatic sparring partners in Europe for your marketing communication: both digital and analogue formats for internal and external communications. Always tailored to you, always targeted, never boring and always hands-on. With a particular penchant for sports and the outdoors, cycling and e-bike mobility,
lifestyle, and experiences that stretch far beyond these boundaries.

Our network includes experienced digital strategists, social media marketing
experts, photographers, copywriters, translators, event managers, developers, graphic and industrial
designers, and even athletes.

We are well-versed in: ​

  • Sports & Outdoors

  • Cycling & E-Bike-Mobility

  • Lifestyle


In our opinion, communication and public relations must never become an end in themselves. They should be an integral part of a company's marketing toolset and play a part in overall strategic goals. Starting with the status quo, we help you analyse your
marketing communication, discover adjustment screws and support you in drafting and implementing an internal and external communication architecture along with processes and performance measurement or set them up completely from scratch for you. Always in dialogue with you, holistically conceived, always on an equal footing and always considering account stakeholders and their perceptions. 

We take over the project management on request and can also acquire and manage any service providers and services required for the strategy implementation. A large network of long-standing partners assists us.



Pertinent topics that stay etched in people's minds. Interesting stories to deliver your essential messages on different levels. An external view of what makes your brand unique and a change of perspective to reveal potential. We lend you a helping hand to develop stories and reach and inspire defined recipients via the appropriate PR channels. Digital and analogue content that prompts reports, likes and clicks. Your strategic marketing goals are firmly in our cross wire


For example, via: 


  • Storytelling

  • Public and media relations

  • Media and corporate events

  • Trade show and event communication

  • Marketing and brand co-operations

  • Media and campaign planning/implementation




Regardless of whether your focus is on dialogue and interaction or leads, we take care of your social media activities focusing on communication and/or marketing. Our programme covers strategy and consulting, content and budget planning and content production, as well as community management by request. Performance measurement and reporting are a given. Where influencers are concerned, we prefer to speak of "influsensers". Reach and commitment are a yes, but all with a pinch of common sense and reason. Faces, brand ambassadors and multipliers that match your brand identity, reputation and goals: we will find them for you. From nano to mega: we will take the entire planning, processing and reporting off your hands.



Whether press or product texts, advertorials, newsletters, sales documents, editorials or social media content... we deliver classic copywriting paired with individual tonality and style – for print and digital media.
An excellent network of translators assists us with English, Spanish, Dutch, French and Italian. After all, when it gets very technical or specific, the devil is in the detail... it's important to know when to break and when to brake!

Social Media
Image by Darius Žukas

What can we do for you?

Our services are crafted to be as unique as your story, company, brand and target groups. 
Let's talk. 

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